Floor Design: 5 Floor Planning Questions to Ask

Floor design is an important element in creating the right atmosphere in your home. The correct floor design will tie seamlessly into your other design elements. The floor design chosen depends on your budget, what type of house you have, and some other variables. Here are five things you should ask yourself when planning floor designs.


Where are you placing the new flooring?

This may seem like a strange floor design question to ask yourself, however where the floor actually goes plays an important role in choosing the right materials. For instance, carpeting does not work well in a kitchen floor design. Tiles or hardwood are great kitchen floor design mediums that may not work well in a bedroom floor design where people desire warmth under their feet.

How do you use the room where the floor design will be implemented?

A kitchen floor design is used differently than a living room floor design or bedroom floor design. If you have young children that are rowdy and like to play with toys, a hardwood floor may not be suitable for your living room floor design. The same is true with pets: pet claws have a tendency to scratch and mar hardwood flooring, and they also have a tendency to catch and snag Berber carpets.

How much of the room are you changing?

If the floor design is the only thing you are changing, you need to make sure that the updates flow with the existing design of your home. If you are doing a complete overhaul, you can seamlessly tie in the floor design with all your other changes.

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What type of style do you desire?

f you are unsure of what your overall style in your home is, you may need to do some soul searching before overhauling your floor design. Implementing a floor design can be expensive, and in the end you may decide you want something completely different than what you originally chose. Spare yourself some trouble and wasted money and understand what you want before you go for it.

How will your floor design flow with the flooring in the rest of your house?

If you want to update your living room floor design with expensive hardwood floors, but the rest of your home is filled with dated and budget flooring, your living room may look misplaced. Likewise, changing carpeting in one are of the home and not other areas could break up the decorative flow in your house. When tackling home improvement projects such as updating floor designs, it’s important not to be short sighted and look at the big picture.

Updating your floor design can be an exciting and fun way to update your home. Ask yourself these five questions before pursuing your project head on, and you should avoid costly errors that you could regret for many years.

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