Dog Profile: The Basset Hound

Dog Profile: The Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is my favorite breed of dog. The Basset hound is a typical hound that likes to relax and have a good long sleep but when the Basset hound feels like exercise it is ready to get up and go. If a rabbit hops by that is the Basset hounds key to get up and chase the rabbit. In other words Basset hounds love to hunt just like any hound dog. But the Basset hound likes to sleep too. Basset hounds are short, stocky dogs with long gorgeous ears that can flap in the wind. They usually have short pleasant hair that is nice to pet and easy to care for.

The Basset hound was breed to chase animals out of there holes in the ground so the hunter could hunt the animal. But Basset hounds are much more then a hunting dog. Basset hounds have an irresistible personality that people just love. Basset hounds are smart loveable dogs that can win a humans heart very easily. Basset hounds are good family dogs and they can usually get along with other family pets when introduce in the right way.

Basset hounds are good with children and they love to play games. Basset hounds are very patient and easy to play with. But like any dog you have to watch children and teach them how to play with animals properly.

Basset Hound have long ears and back.

A Basset hound has a very long back that they have to be a little careful with. Since there backs are so long they can injure their backs very easily. As the Basset hound gets older their backs get more fragile just because of old age like anyone else who is lucky enough to get old. But Basset hounds may have to be more careful when they jump up or down and twisting motions are very bad for their back. If you pick up a Basset hound you have to be careful with their back. Taking care of a Basset hounds back is important for a healthy life of the dog. Even though their backs might be tender the Basset hound is a very sturdy dog. They have wonderful muscle structures and strong bones.

Basset hounds are adorable dogs and a good family pet. They are personable and usually get along with others, human or animal. They are a fun breed of dog. A Basset hound can be a good dog for a large family or for someone who lives alone.

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