Dogs Need Warm Beds Too

Dogs are happy, vivacious animals but they also sleep a lot. An adult dog sleeps at least 10 hours a day, while a puppy can sleep for up to 20 hours. Sleep is vital for the physical and mental development of your dog, especially for puppies. Adopted dogs and puppies need to feel relax so they can adjust to their new home and develop at the right pace.

Heated dog beds can help your new family members feel at home and comfortable. This will serve as their safe havens where they can retreat anytime for sleep and relaxation. Taking this step will ensure that your dog will grow happy, healthy, and well trained.

Heated Dog Beds Benefit Sickly Dogs

Dogs get sick as much as humans do. In times of illness, ailing dogs need a little extra comfort to help him recover fast. Sick dogs have trouble in producing heat as their temperature drops. A heated dog bed is an efficient way to help your dog cope with his sickness so he can bounce back to his old enthusiastic ways.

A Heated Dog Bed is Your Dog’s Lifeline

You may enjoy watching crystal snowflakes fall or feel the cool breeze caressing your cheeks, but winter can be a dreadful season for dogs. Dogs are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations; hence, they need cooling effects during summer and extra heating during winter. Heated dog beds can go a long way toward helping your dog stave off the cold. Puppies, tiny breeds, and senior dogs can’t deal with the cold on their own and may suffer hypothermia. A blanket, a fur coat, or a regular bed just won’t suffice. Your dog could die. A heated dog bed is crucial to keep them warm and healthy throughout winter.

Types of Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog beds may also vary in some other features not just in size, shape, or color. The following provides you an overview about two types of heated dog beds.

  1. Dual thermostat heated dog beds – A dual thermostat dog bed allows you to regulate the bed’s surface temperature. High-end dual thermostat dog beds automatically heats up to match your dog’s normal body temperature, keeping the temperature constant while your pet remain snuggled on the bed. Likewise, it declines to a lower and steady room temperature as soon as the bed is unoccupied. Such heaters are cost-efficient since they only dissipate heat when the dog occupies the bed. Heated dog beds with adjustable heat control features are often the best. Overall, these beds are plush beds with smart heaters.
  2. Outdoor heating pads – Designed for outdoor use, these beds are waterproof and dustproof. Such beds can provide enough heat to keep your dog comfortable inside his doghouse. The exterior covers of an outdoor heating pad are usually made of ABS plastic. Some outdoor heating pads are adjustable to adapt the weather.

Look for heated dog beds that are MET listed for safety. An ideal heated dog bed should have a removable heater, machine-washable covers, and a non-chewable cord. You should also check out the cushion. Your dog should never sink into the bed where he could get painful burns.